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André Cholmondeley

Tour Manager
Guitar/Bass tech
Booking agent
Production Manager

Guitarist, Health/Natural Living advocate, Substitute teacher in Asheville NC.


POSITION :Guitar/Bass Tech/Social Media Manager, Summer 2014….

MOST RECENT TOUR WITH : Eddie Jobson/John Wetton UK Reunion

POSITION : Keyboard/Mainstage Tech, Production Manager, Cruise To The Edge April 2014


AVAILABLE: for Tours/Tour Logistics, Tour Managing, Guitar/Bass Tech, Keyboards/MIDI/software/hardware.

HAVE TOURED: in Asia, Australia, Europe, North America & South America since 1990. Booking/Tour Logistics for Worldwide Tours.

FOCUS: Guitar, Effects/MIDI gear, Programming multi-FX, Looping devices, Samplers, Amp control systems, etc

EXPERIENCE: Nearly 20 yrs on tour with vanguards of modern music. Teching and/or Tour Managing and/or Stage Managing with:

Greg Lake (2010-present) , Al Di Meola (2006-2007), Adrian Belew (2007-2011), Eddie Jobson (2008- present), Project/Object – The Music Of Frank Zappa feat. Zappa Alumni (1995-present), The Grandmothers (2001), Derek Trucks Band  (2008), Keith Emerson/Greg Lake (2010), Emerson, Lake & Palmer (2010), John Wetton, UK Reunion (2011), Steve Howe/Yes (2011)……..